What went well this year?

September 2022

Advice from 35 Winners
Editor & First Line Reader
With Kary English
I’ve connected with several past winners of the Writers of the Future Contest. Their invaluable advice will be featured in an upcoming article! View the…

August 2022

Deadlines, Quarterly Announcement Dates, and Awards Events
Like other toilers in the science fiction and fantasy field, new writers often get their start by winning a contest in the genre. The Writer’s of the…

July 2022

23 Magazines to Submit Speculative Fiction 2022
15 Guidelines for Submitting to Writing Contests
26 Best Short Story Contests for Speculative Fiction 2022

June 2022

Today (Thursday, June 30th, at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time) is the last day for 2022 third quarter submissions to the Writers of the Future Contest…
Believe in the me who believes in you. You are a writer. When writers make their first attempts at the craft, there comes a moment in time when they…